Yard Sale


Yard Sale was a semi-success.. it was just too hot for people to get out. A huge thanks to Mom, Dale, Stephen, Jonathan, April, Conner, Alexis, Elder Robbins and Elder Tii for making it happen. There were numerous donations dropped off. I am gathering a list to let everyone know what else is going on. Especially Thanks for all the donations! We will try another sale in October so if you have more –PLEASE save it for the next one. I just got back from MAYO and your generosity paid for the transplant house ($100 lodging), car rental ($161), and $200 went into the trust fund. Thanks again!!


August 19 2010 10:03 am | Fund Raising and Updates

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  1. April (Kathy's sister) Says:

    The most-recent benefit sale this month (May 2011) was also a semi-success. Beautiful weather, but not many people came:( However, we were able to sell some items, and every penny counts! I would like to personally thank those who donated directly to my home in Tulsa, OK…(thank you’s to: Mike + Debbie R, Butch + Debbie B,Simone T + Sandy B, as well as CR + Becky A, and several others that would like to remain anonymous.)Of course, thanks to our mother for all her (many years of) help.

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