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August 16-18 Im heading back to MN for more testing. Dobutamine echo, Oximetry and see a Rheumatologist to see why the Gout is so persistant.. Maybe they can help me get it under control. Im ready to get out and stay out of bed for awhile. Wish me luck..The United miles donor program  might be flying us which is a real plus cause that is a very long 12 hr drive.

Stephen is going to Mayo with me in Aug — he’s trying to be a match.


July 07 2010 12:30 am | Appointments and Updates

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  1. Sheri Says:

    Mayo was great, got alot accomplished. Stephen tested, he was poked all over, had a CT, seen numerous docs, and unfortunatly, they wont be able to use his kidney. There is a small beneign tumor on his L kidney. <–they wont give me a bad one or leave him with a bad one. So next step is JK to test. My creatinine is at 2.6–its stabalized…when it hits 2.8, we will go back and JK test. Kudos to Stephen, he really tried. He is my hero anyways.

  2. Sheri Says:

    Thanks to TRIO (Sylvia Leach) and United for flying us!! All my testing came back good. Echo was great (heart), oximetry great(sleep apnea), rheumatologist wants more testing next time. Im still trying to quit smoking. I’ve bought three packs in three weeks..about 3 a day..please pray for me on this. The Chantix is working Mayo gave me two more aids (inhaler, lozenges)to get me past those last three. They are amazing!! They are doing so much research!! If you want to quit smoking, I have lots of info on it!!

  3. Sheri Says:

    Back to Mayo the week of Feb 20, 2011. Everything went well:) Creatinine is at 3.0- eGFR is 18. Was able to get on the UNOS list so thats good. 3 yr waiting list for a cadaver kidney. Lots of snow and ice while we were there. Had fun in the hotel pool though!!

  4. Hesham Says:

    I have been to Mayo and have not returned happy about some of my scrivee there. Dr Whalen performed Orthopedic surgery on my right foot in removing the infected big toe. The wound that allowed the big toe to get infected was not taken care of and this wound is still an issue. Then Dr S. A. Shapiro begin to work on this right foot along with continuing on my left foot that had a small ulcer on bottom of foot.The last visit Nov 11 2011 Dr Shapiro managed to cause both right and left foot wounds to get larger until I redressed and now they are both closing with CellerateRX and manuka honey treatment. I have asked several times for Dr Whalen to think about addressing the small bone protrusion on the bottom of my left foot and I finally have given up on his help.I see that since my insurance BCBS of Florida negotiates a cost that they will pay I get not top of the line care from Doctors not sure what that is about.I need you to understand that all the nurses and Dr Whalen’s PA have been fabulous except for one of Dr Shapiro’s nurses. They have always treated me marvelously, so I give them a 95% but the Doctors I would have to give Whalen a 35% and Shapiro a 25% rating just from my experience.

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